3rd house and siblings

3rd house and siblings

The planets govern how you perceive the opportunities and events in your life. The 3rd House in particular governs your creativity, courage and siblings. In this second newsletter we will guide you through a few simple steps to reveal which planets affect your astrological 3rd House and risk taking ability.

Step1: First, you need to know what your 3rd House sign is.

HOUSE TOUR WITH SIBLINGS!!!! - Mary Pacquiao -

To do this:. Step2: Now that you know which sign your 3rd House is, read the description for this sign as it relates to risk taking.

The description will describe the general inclinations you will have due to this sign ruling your 3rd House. As you read the description, also make note of the Ruling Planet.

We will use this in Step 4 to better understand the specifics of your creativity and risk-taking karma. Step3: Once you have identified which sign is your third house, the next step in controlling aspects of your creativity and risk-taking house is to know which planets most directly influence it and modify its nature. Examine your 3rd House and note any planets in that sign, then read the descriptions for each planet that you have in your 3rd House to see how they affect your creativity, siblings and courage.

To help you determine whether the planets placed in your 3rd house will tend to have the negative influence mentioned above, check in the following chart. Rahu and Ketu are not listed as they are generally considered unfavorable for all signs. Rahu can bring tremendous benefit though when placed in the 3rd House.

Remember, the Planetary Ruler can be found in the chart in Step 2. Now, look again at your Chart Report. What sign is your planetary ruler of your 3rd House placed? For instance, you may find that you have a Taurus 3rd House. The Chart Report would show you which House your Venus is placed. Perhaps your Venus is in your 10th House. The placement of your 3rd House planetary ruler will tell you how your creativity and risk-taking karma will be experienced by you in this lifetime.

So, in our example, if your ruling 3rd House planet is Venus and it is placed in your 10th House of Aquarius, you will have strong career motivations and your siblings may be involved in your career. Below are the indications of each House:.

3rd house and siblings

By means of another example, if your Second House is Gemini, then your planetary ruler is Mercury. When you look at your chart, you see that Mercury is placed in your 12th House of Taurus. Therefore, in this lifetime, your primary money karma will be to loose money and material comforts. Summary At this point, you now have an understanding of:. This will give you a good basic comprehension of which signs and planets are influencing your courage, creativity and siblings. If you have 2 or more planets in your 3rd House, look to which of the planets are weak and causing you difficulties based on the descriptions of the planets above.

Then remedy that planet! When Creativity, Courage, Sibling Karmas Become Active There are certain times when 3rd House issues demand most of our attention, whether negative or positive. If your major clean architecture example golang minor planet is either the Ruler of your Third House or in the Third House, this will be a time increased focus on creativity, courage and siblings for you.

There are several option to remedy ill effects of the planets affecting your third house. Mantras: There are secretive mantras to help appease a planet that is destined to cause you problems. There are also planetary remedies you can do based upon your new found analysis. First, to strengthen your third house, you can chant the mantra of the planet that rules your third house. This is another powerful way to win the grace of a planet that is not in your favor. Click here to try a virtual pooja now for free.

For instance if Mars is the ruler of your 3rd House i. Aries or Scorpiothen on Tuesday, the day ruled by Mars, you can try fasting during daylight hours, but eat before sunrise and after sundown or remain vegetarian the entire day.My second house Saturn journey appeared straightforward at first, but in hindsight not at all.

I have natal Neptune in my second house quincunx my Cancer Sun. Surviving adversity is a transiting second house Saturn theme. Which brings me to today. New information and data. Did you see that! Why did you turn there?? With transiting Saturn now in the third house, our mental, spiritual or physical environment is being made brand new. Instinctive survival in an unknown land is unreliable at best, so we often find that when Saturn is transiting the third house we become obsessed with detail.

Anxiety is a common third house experience. Is this the right approach to take? Do I really believe this? This education might be obvious, or subtle. Since Saturn casts a stark, sometimes unwelcome light on our mind, self-defeating mental habits, negative thoughts can happen. Normally you take these issues for granted…They are very important in structuring your world. Environment has been a huge theme for me so far. My neighbors are crazy.

The Third House: About You

I say this without affectionate. I feel their energies, unfortunately. Saturn shines a cold, hard, ultimately clarifying light on all third house matters, so naturally our sibling relationships are under his scrutiny. If we want them to be someone other than who they actually are, we will face that now, maybe in unpleasant ways, or perhaps in more subtle ways that draw this realization out. We may not know which way to turn, but we have our intuition. Thank you for this article.

Saturn will enter my third house beginning of March. Pluto is also transiting my third. Thanks for your article. Currently in this transit and the neighbor thing is so true. I live in a loft with a crazy neighbor above me. Typically when I take a bath, they take one too and masturbate loudly. Very bizarre and disconcerting behavior.

I rarely soak in the tub now. Ready for this to be o-v-e-r. I have a sister who is also engaging in underhanded ways toward me, which has pried the lid on lots of resentment between us.The Third House is commonly referred to as the House of Communication. In this house, much of the communication is going on between the individual and those he or she holds close: brothers and sisters, as well as neighbors.

While communication here can be both written and verbal, it also has a conscious quality to it. Think about kindred spirits and mental connections. This serves to highlight the role of intelligence within the Third House.

Intelligence, as viewed in this realm, is the analytical ability one possesses within his or her environment, specifically a basic grasp of things and a practical sensibility. We use this intelligence to help us work effectively within our world and with those in it. A symbiotic relationship with those we hold close is also part of the plan. Some things will be well-thought out, others nearly automatic. Maximizing our sum potential is the key. Early education, effectively teaching us how to think and communicate, is also covered by the Third House, as are short trips.

Again, the proximate nature of travel speaks to the intimate nature of the Third House: those we know well, in our environment, keeping that environment tight. Harnessing our intelligence and sharing it effectively with others is the essence of the Third House. How do we best state our case with others, often those we love the most? Will our actions be true to our environment, and our planet, for all time? This brings to the fore emerging forms of intelligence-gathering, such as computers.

Will they make or break communication as we know it? The questions posed by the Third House can be answered by listening to that house: think, process, share. The Third House is ruled by Gemini and the planet Mercury.My youngest brother is a gemini and him and my sister really dont get along i think they really hate eachother its hilarious. And me and my other little brother fight more but all in all we all hate eachother My 3rd house sign is aries.

I do have two older half siblings and they have brothers and sisters too. I an very blunt and quick wittedagressive and downright violent at times. I find violence and arrogance funny. IP: Logged.

Read Your Own Horoscope: A Step-By-Step Tutorial to Vedic Astrology

I have three older brothers, two older sisters, and one younger sister. We're all generally scattered to the winds with our own lives - I'm closest to my little sis because we grew up together. Other than that, the age gaps range from 5 to 10 years apart per sibling eldest sibling is 33, my little sister is That's my only fire placement and its also mostly unaspected. Only child IP: Logged. I don't really know my brother very well, and my little sister is very busy and the age gap kind of keeps us distant, I think.

Not really. I am an only child. Besides this placement giving me other marvelous things in life though to be fair, it gives me a great ability to focus as wellthis contributes to the fact that I was meant to be my mother's only child. I think astrofix. Also, I noted that my mother had Neptune in the 5th house. I wonder if this has any connections to anything, since my H3 Saturn is in Pisces and she had Neptune in her H5 of children? Just thought it was a weird coincidence I guess.

My sister that i actually know and live with has a Capricorn Moon like I do. Uranus and neptune too in whole sign. Only Child. I'd totally post the pic in my siggy if I could IP: Logged. I have two half sisters that are younger than me.

About the Third House

Definitely a theme of water and fire. I have two sisters. One older, one younger. I'm the middle child. No planets in the 3rd We're all around the same age. YUP "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. Gem Saturn at the end of H3 conjunct IC. I am an only child. Just like sweet-scorpion IP: Logged. My Jupiter in Cancer also occupies this house. The members of my family all switch off between being best friends to each other's faces and then tearing each other down when they look away.This page is based on Vedic Astrology.

Under the guidance of Pt. Punarvasu, Indastro has been serving astrology patrons since These free lessons from Indastro will help you read your own horoscope.

For which you must keep the following points in mind:. In these difficult times, when our lives are getting complicated with each passing day. There's a need to reconnect to our lost self and The career trends are forecast to know the ups and downs you may experience during your career span, along with the remedial measures to There exist specific tools to work out an unknown birth time by way of going backwards based on your life events. We need 5 major events Join Us - As a Panel Astrologer ccare indastro.

Login Sign Up. Go step by step. Until you have mastered one step, do not move to the next. Do not just read, but apply these principles on your own horoscope In the begining, just pay attention to just reading and analyzing a birth chart, rather can drafting one.

Go in the same order of lessons as is provided here. Practice and more practice. Third House in Vedic Astrology Third house In Vedic astrology relates to communication, journeys, brothers, sisters, creativity, mental intelligence, interests, habits, and inclinations. It uncovers the realm of your mental and creative capabilities. Majorly, third house gives communication and rules all sorts of correspondence.

How you exchange information, how you engage to people. It rules over different modes of communication too such as telephone, media, TV, radio, postal, social media, telegraphy, and so on. Communication here can be in any form, broadcasted, written, or spoken. Most of the communication in the third house takes place between the native and his younger siblings and neighbors. How you harness communication to understand and adapt in the surroundings comes under the realm of the third house too.

How you apply intellect in your communication in order to form mental connections also comes into play. Thus, communication in third house is not only spoken or written but also subconscious like telepathic connection between two individuals, most possibly between siblings. How we use our intelligence to think, process and share information and feelings in order to best adjust in our environment is governed by third house in astrology. All sorts of profession relating to communication and travel come under the domain of third house such as media, journalism, publishing, writing, libraries, information technology, internet, broadcast, transport, tourism, railways and so on.If you have brothers or sisters, what is your relationship like with them?

In fact, Pluto is now opposing my 3rd house, making it even more intense. I used to be best friends with my sister, and I loved it! But since our lives have taken very different paths, we have had a strained relationship. Such is life. I have two sisters and have sun and Venus in my 3rd house. I have one sister.

Sagittarius stellium in my 3rd. We have so much fun together. I have Scorpio in my third with Neptune. My brother and sister and I might not talk frequently but we are close. I love them and there is nothing they could do to ever make me feel differently. My stepsister is a year younger than me and also has Venus in Pisces in the third. Her sun and mercury in Aquarius also are in my third house.

We were best friends before our parents got married when we were 6 and 7. We all get along surprisingly well! Me and my sister are especially close due to being so close in age, but I have maintained a respectably close relationship with all of them.

My mom made a few comments as I was growing up about the harmony between us. She grew up with a sister who ended up being her best friend but not without the typical sister drama.

All of us have empty third houses. One in Cancer, one in Libra, and one in Scorpio. We have a pretty calm relationship.He will be honored by the government. He will have the ability to invent things but will be argumentative. He will have the ability to convey his ideas effectively through written or electronic media.

He talks well but is not a good listener. The owner of the third is also the owner of the tenth house here. Mars is an adverse planet for the native.

The native is likely to take up service in the military or a uniformed force. It can also cause a severe accident to his first child. If for these relatives of the native we take this house as the ascendant, the trouble in their limbs can be analyzed in the manner similar to Aries in the first house above.

If Mars is located in the third house there is a possibility that the native may suffer the loss of younger brothers. He can convince others of his point of view by talking to them.

3rd house and siblings

He cannot use his memory effectively and takes a lot of time learning things. The native will be on good terms with the government. A powerful Venus in the horoscope will make the native have a good number of younger sisters, or female neighbors and colleagues. The owner of the third house is Venus which is also the owner of the eighth house.

It will be the significator of the longevity of the native. If strong and well placed in the horoscope, it indicates that the native will live long. A weak Venus will cause loss to the mother through speculation or investments.

She may also have a strong libido. She may have secret affairs.

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The elder brother! There will be a frequent change of residence and also work environment. The native will have good vehicles, be respected by all especially by women and will be generous. He will always tell the truth. The owner of the third house is Mercury which is also the owner of the sixth house.

A weak and badly placed Mercury will give diseases according to its karaka quality and if the third house is also badly afflicted the diseases so caused will be fatal to the native. Such a Mercury will also make the father of the native rise high in society.

His wife will go abroad. Such a Mercury will make the native a successful author or publisher. The native will be popular, religious, and a musician or a painter. He will be a quiet person.

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