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Inside CDCR: CIM Sergeant looks back on 42 years

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inside cdcr

Luckily, our Saving dogs, helping people. When tragedy unfolded, the men and women of Paws for Life K9 Rescue did what they always do: They jumped Taking ownership of rehabilitation. People are learning just what CDCR is committed to assisting incarcerated individuals find success after incarceration, by providing the tools they need to be drug-free, Training to save lives. The program provides staff with the Restorative Justice Symposium builds community, understanding.

As CDCR moves even more toward a model of restorative justice and rehabilitation, a healing-focused nonprofit is bringing together people Woman puts second chance to great use. Pamela Thompson came to prison in with a life term as a third-striker. She never thought she would get Camp Grace strengthens vital bonds between children and fathers. The more time Andrew Lek spends with the son who shares his name, the more he admires him.

Inside CDCR: Teacher inspires through service to students and community

California Medical Facility volunteers serve up Special Olympics support. Stories of staff, offenders and volunteers making a difference. Camp Grace strengthens vital bonds between children and fathers Link.Using extensive research culled from historical records, Inside CDCR explores the rich history of the people, places and programs that helped shape the modern state correctional system. Early staff remembered through obituaries. Often the only information available on CDCR's pioneering penologists come from obituary notices.

Republishing some of those notices is part Western pioneer was s San Quentin Captain. When Gen. James Estell ran San Quentin prison under a contract, he sought tough-as-nails gritty staff with proven records of Early SQ guard R. Russell helped California win statehood. Fremont, helped lead a group of Inmate band leader left legacy outside prison walls.

When a music composer landed behind bars inhe put his musical talent to work, assuming a leadership role Snowshoe Thompson risked life to deliver prison correspondence. When San Quentin received mail from the east in the s, they probably had John Thompson to thank. Visiting inmates has long played rehabilitative role.

inside cdcr

Visiting has been an important part of rehabilitation, allowing offenders to continue family connections while incarcerated. The experience for friends Stagecoach driver Charley Parkhurst blazed gender-nonconforming trails. Gender-questioning forger Artie Baker made headlines in Artie "Art" Baker, already three years into a year sentence at San Quentin, had a desperate request for the prison Prison staff, offenders honored fallen soldiers in memorial ceremonies.

The bloody Civil War pit family against family. Some border states' volunteer companies fought on both sides, depending on the Unlocking History. Stagecoach driver Charley Parkhurst blazed gender-nonconforming trails Link. Prison staff, offenders honored fallen soldiers in memorial ceremonies Link.The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation CDCR is the agency of the government of California responsible for the operation of the California state prison and parole systems.

Its headquarters are in Sacramento. CDCR correctional officers are sworn law enforcement officers with peace officer powers. InCalifornia activated its first state-run institution. This institution was a ton wooden ship named The Wabanand was anchored in the San Francisco Bay. Sincethe Department has activated thirty-one prisons across the state.

In it was renamed California Department of Corrections. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger made a reorganization plan public in January implementing many of the recommendations of the panel but without "a citizens commission overseeing the state's entire correctional operation.

CDCR operates all state institutions, oversees a variety of community correctional facilities and camps, and monitors all parolees during their entry back into society.

Unlocking History

According to the Department's official Web site, "Currently there are 33 adult correctional institutions13 adult community correctional facilities, and eight juvenile facilities in California that house more thanadult offenders and nearly 3, juvenile offenders. Regarding adult prisons, CDCR has the task of receiving and housing inmates that were convicted of felony crimes within the State of California.

Each prison is designed to house different varieties of inmate offenders, from Level I inmates to Level IV inmates; the higher the level, the higher risk the inmate poses.

These security levels are defined as follows: [12]. According to the Department's official Web site, "there are more thanadult parolees and 3, juvenile parolees supervised by the CDCR. At San Quentin, the non-profit organization California Reentry Program "helps inmates re-enter society after they serve their sentences. CDCR correctional officers are peace officers per California penal code sections The primary duties of these officers include, but are not limited to, providing public safety and law enforcement services in and around California's adult and youth institutions, fire camps, and state-operated medical facilities and hospitals, and community correctional facilities.

These officers also monitor and supervise parolees who are released back into the general public. Other primary duties include investigation and apprehension of institutional escapees and parolees at large PALprison gangs, statewide narcotics enforcement and investigations involving institutionsetc. In addition to correctional officers, CDCR employs 32 special agents [15] criminal investigators who are assigned to offices throughout the state.

These agents conduct criminal investigations involving parolees and inmates, monitor prison gangs, gather intelligence and conduct narcotics enforcement. Special agents work closely with other law enforcement agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, California Department of Justice and local police and sheriff departments. As confidential employees, they are able to keep a low profile and small footprint while carrying out very high-profile cases.

Sadly, the formation of the unit is said to have evolved after the March 9, kidnapping of two Los Angeles police officers. The kidnapping and subsequent murder of one of the officers was committed by two state parolees, Gregory Powell and Jimmy Lee Smith a.

As the two officers approached the car, they were kidnapped at gunpoint by the two parolees and forced into Powell's car. They were driven north from Los Angeles to an onion field near Bakersfield, where Officer Campbell was fatally shot.

Officer Hettinger was able to escape. In the police investigation that ensued after the incident, the ability of LAPD detectives to get timely and necessary information from the Department of Corrections was severely hampered, ostensibly by the size and bureaucracy of the department.

Detectives needed a way to obtain information quickly and have the assistance of the CDCR resources. Because of this tragic incident and the legislative conferences afterward, a decision was made to form the Special Service Unit.The Nazi flag was spotted by a pedestrian passing by the Department of Corrections building at 16th and T Streets in Downtown Sacramento. Parole officers say it was meant for training and have since taken down the flag and signs.

At first, he thought it was a Halloween display in bad taste, but then he saw gang paraphernalia and other hate signs. They say the presentation of hate in the state building was put together on purpose to be used as a teaching tool.

Agents insist the flags and signs are items confiscated from Sacramento-area prisoners and parolees and shown to staff as a way to show the type of hate displays that are circulating in jails. The explanation was not good enough for the neighbors who saw this, some saying it was just bad judgment. The department of corrections has now pulled down not only the Nazi flag but removed all hate images from the office and building. The flag has been removed and we will be looking into the circumstances for why the flag was in the office in the first place.

On Wednesday, the CDCR issued another statement about the incident, saying they have launched an investigation into the incident and plan to hold the people who violated their policies responsible.

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inside cdcr

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California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

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I have no idea, I really hope so.Did you know that someone needs blood every two seconds? That means the need for donations is constant. Luckily, our staff are up to the challenge and eager to help. The event was held at Facility A Visiting. A 19th century literary figure serves as inspiration for Northern California native B.

Sex-Offender Parole Agent Javier Cosme has a tough beat supervising high-risk sex offenders in the community. Mandated to wear GPS tracking devices on their ankles, these offenders are closely monitored. Christmas arrived early this year for the staff and inmates at R.

On Wednesday, Dec. On Feb. Komen Foundation. The funds had been raised in October by the incarcerated men. Jenna Kieckhaefer accepted the donations on behalf of the foundation. For a quarter century, corrections veteran Karen Mory has worked to dismantle preconceptions and stereotypes in her own life as well as those of offenders.

From Dec. In a Department that is ever-evolving, your contributions to maintaining safety and security are invaluable. InGovernor John B. Weller, Lt.

The three comprised the original Board of Prison Directors. Tiburcio Vasquez, an outlaw who plundered Central and Southern California for two decades, may owe his capture to a long forgotten military experiment.

This latest installment of Unlocking History looks closer at a failed attempt by the U.

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