Kageyama x reader crying

The two of you were sitting on your couch, watching a movie. I started dating you be-" You cut him off. Why am I your girlfriend?!

You were never like this towards him. But because of what happened earlier in school, you were insecure and couldn't stop thinking about it. You set your bag down on your desk, waiting for your teacher to start the class. You grabbed your seat, about to sit down, when a couple of girls came up to you.

If you want to help us, then stay away from Kageyama-san. You were confused by her statement, and tilted your head. As you can see, we are way better matches for him than you.

I mean, look at you!! You're a piece of shit. You're trash. You squinted your eyes in disbelief. Do you possibly think you guys could intimidate me?

Class started, however, the more you thought about it, the more it affected you. Throughout class, you felt as if you were about to cry.

Tears were streaming down your face, falling down to your lap. You sniffled and wiped your nose. Kageyama was staring at you, confused. He put his arm around you and placed his other hand on your shaking hands. He kissed the side of your head and started rubbing your arm.

You sniffled again, nodding. He sighed and began to rub his thumb against you hands. You know I l- love you Another tear when down your face. You're you. Don't let those people say anything bad about who you are.

You're the only one for me You know that You smiled faintly and blushed a bit, accepting the words that came out from him. You faced Kageyama and rested your hand on his cheek. You know what smile I'm talking about right? Well use the picture as a reference x. You opened your eyes and you see Kageyama smiling as well. You're so cute when you smile!This is my very first book and I hope y'all will read this. If you're not comfortable with that, find another book.

What a lucky day. It just so happened that you were on your period. The worst time of the month came and decided to give you a hug and there was no way you could've avoid it. Yes, you considered if getting pregnant was a better option but upon realisation, you concluded that you'll end up with a beating from your parents from the other side of the world, and it just so happened that your parents were on a fucking business trip and they couldn't help you with your pain.

The best you could do at that point was call your boyfriend, Kageyama, to ask him to bring you some pads since your pad army was in the brink of extinction. I've literally lost my last one. You placed your phone down and groaned from frustration, the cramps were really getting to you.

You rolled around your bed, covering your eyes with the back of your palm, and started kicking your feet around. You stopped when your phone lit up, your face contorting from disappointment to excitement and excitedly opened your phone, hoping it was Kageyama.

Can you hold it in for a week? I don't know.

Kageyama x Reader

Can I? You waited for a few more seconds before he only left the message on seen. You threw your phone across the bed, not caring if it shattered or not since you were shattered enough anyway. This is not how you see boyfriends treat their girlfriends when their periods came.

They'd treat them with respect and let them eat, and let them do what they want, well, that's what you see in K-dramas and comics anyway. Can your period possibly get any worse? You jinxed. Your phone rang, indicating someone was calling, you sluggishly made your way towards the floor and answer the call. To your suprise, it was your mother on the other line notifying you that they'd stay there for another month since the project they were working on seemed to be getting better, much more than they expected.

You only hummed in reply and hung up the phone. Yep, it definetly got worse. In the end, you decided to just binge watch some series since it was weekend the following day. Even with your mood swings, you couldn't really fully bash them on someone like that shitty Kageyama since he's not home yet, leaving you to deal with all this yourself. You awoke to your shoulder being nudged, groaning at being separated from your slumber.

You rubbed your eyes slowly but the blur wouldn't get out. Before you could even say anything, a man shouted, "Why is their blood on the cloth?! What the fuck!Title based on the song above called "Don't Wanna Cry" by Seventeen. Don't you feel kind of lonely when we're all together? I'm perfectly fine being without someone else.

We'll help you get a girlfriend! Kageyama is in desperate need of help. Besides, it's not like any girl wants to be around me. I always seem to scare girls away.

You quickly bend down to pick up the gym clothes and place them back in the black sports bag, before following with the messy school books. Once you finish putting away the items, you zip the sports bag and school bag closed, before standing back up and handing the belongings to the owner.

You quickly glance up, making eye contact with Kageyama, before immediately looking back at the ground in slight embarrassment. The first years, besides Yachi, continue to snicker at Kageyama before catching up to his tense form.

kageyama x reader crying

Hinata simply scoffs at his boyfriend, before starting the walk once again. The Watty Awards. Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. Olympian ; Tsukishima Kei X Olympian! Reader Part I. Reader Part II. Nights ; Tsukishima X Reader Soulmate! Dreams ; Hinata X Reader Soulmate! Surprise ; Sugawara X Kpop Idol! Costume Shenanigans ; Tsukishima X Reader.

Rare ; Bokuakakurotsuki X Reader Soulmate! Help ; Psychotic! Sugawara X Nurse! Regretful Tears ; Oikawa X Sister! Childhood Friends ; Tsukishima X Reader. Help; Psychotic! Missing Words ; Bokuto X Mute! New Reading List. Send to Friend. Story continues below. Promoted stories. You'll also like. Where stories live. Discover now.You giggled softly as you both bumped noses for the nth time that morning, your excited love for each other too much for the both of you to take it slow. His slightly dry lips were ticklish against your face as he placed marks of his love on your cheeks, chin, nose, forehead, eyelids, everywhere.

As you tried to control how your body squeamishly reacted to his touch, your hands got a hold of his head, pulling his face towards you as you captured his lips in one final kiss. You tangled your fingers into his hair, caressing his scalp softly as you could feel the air in your lungs diminishing. You both pulled away softly, faces flushed but smiling as you caught your breaths. Tobio was always beautiful, but the way that the morning sunlight struck his face was something else.

His dark blue eyes were slightly lightened, his hair shining, and his blushing cheeks were so much more colourful. Everything felt so warm and lovely, you wanted to be greedy and stop everything just to be in this moment forever.

Your hands slid down from his hair to his cheeks, caressing them and smiling as he leaned into your touch. His morning voice was so rough yet comforting, because you knew only you would be able to hear him like this.

There were too many things that were going through your mind, so instead you settled for searching for an answer in what was right in front of you.

kageyama x reader crying

You were thinking about him, you always were. Whether it be a flower that you wanted to give him as you passed by the fields near your house or looking at a nail clipper at a chemist; it was always him. Poor boy would be so confused with your answer, he would be too unsatisfied, so you settled on one of the things that you loved about him. You could feel the heat of his fluster as he hid his face in the crook of your bare neck, your skin softly glistening with each of his heavy breath that braced it.

Your hair is always so messy because of how careless I get when playing with it. Your lips get so red and swollen, they just become so kissable. Tobio lifted his face back up again, a beaming smile on his face as his eyes sparkled intensely in the sunshine. He could feel his heart race faster than when he plays matches, but the moment he looks at your face, it calms him down. He could never believe that he would ever get someone like you, you were the best part of his life.

It was always hard for him to do so, so it would be blasphemy to deny anything he said right now. Giggles erupted from the both of you again as you resumed your fair share of kisses.

You said that he deserved all the love and you stood with it, showing him just that for the rest of your life.

Kageyama x reader. My Pervy boyfriend/crush

Thank you so, so much. In the beginning, it was difficult for you to deal with his sometimes impulsive nature. But you soon realized that he behaves quite differently to you than, for example, to his volleyball colleagues.

Don't Wanna Cry ; Kageyama X Reader

Kyoutani always wants to have you with him, preferably to wrap his hand around your waist and show everyone that you belong to him.As the title suggests, this story is an angst. However, trust me when I say there is a happy ending to this story. Me : Tobio, is something wrong? Is it something I did? Me : Then? I just don't feel like talking anymore. Me : Oh I'll call you later. I'll give him a few days to himself. No calls or texts. Just plain void from incoming notifications.

Me : Hey. It took me alot of courage to ask you this, but do you still want to continue our relationship? Anxiously, I waited for a reply, making sure my parents don't find out what just happened since they really liked Tobio as my boyfriend and basically acknowledged him as their son-in-law.

Silence (Angst / Breakup)

Me : Of course. Quickly, I finished the contents on my plate and excused myself to my room. I'm sorry. Me : May I know why? Me : Is there a reason? It's a sudden feeling. Me : Tobio, I still love you. I love you alot. Thank you. Me : And how nice is it of you to make me head over heels for you then leave me in the lurch. I hope we can still be friends and maintain the friendship that we had before. It was fun spending 2 years with you constantly by my side.

Thank you for the memories, goodbye Name. Tears were flowing down from both my eyes at an uncontrollable rate, sobs and hiccups that followed one another echoed around the room. Goodbye Kageyama Going through everyday was torturous, not only was I crying on a regular basis, it didn't help that we were in the same class for all our subjects.

By then, the whole class already knew what happened and either comforted me or left me be, which was fine either way. Not that it mattered anyway.Iceland proved to be a hidden jewel that we hope to be able to visit again one day!!. We had an amazing time in Kirkenes. Although we couldn't stay in the Snow Hotel due to dripping, we stayed in their lovely cabins. The staff made us feel like family and everything was great. All in all, it was a very special thing to do, and will stay in our memory forever.

We really enjoyed our stay. Everything was clearly explained and easy to follow. It was the first holiday I had taken my family on abroad so I was nervous about the details. Nordic visitor tours were amazing, everything was organised perfectly and written clearly.

Kageyamatobioxreader Stories

It was a magical holiday. Overall experience was excellent, we travelled as a couple to celebrate my 50th birthday and everything went to plan with no problems. From the initial reservation, to the superb welcome at the airport, and the transfers, tours and hotels, this was a very memorable experience. I am looking forward to another trip with Nordic Visitor. We really didn't know what to expect on this tour and were pleasantly surprised by the quality accommodations, service, and events.

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We have not hesitate to tell others of our experience and now find some friends and family have now added it to their 'bucket list'. Thank you for your continued support throughout this adventure. All the guesthouses were very kind with us.

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kageyama x reader crying

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