Myanmar completed first two of 49 meter fac-m

Myanmar First Two Home-Built 49 meter Fast Attack Craft (FAC-M) Delivered to the Navy

August September October November December. China Patrol Vessels Destroyers and Frigates. Patrol Vessels Frigates and Corvettes. Aircraft Carriers Destroyers and Frigates. Submarines Aircraft Carriers. Corvettes and OPV. Frigates and Destroyers Aircraft Carriers.

Patrol Vessels. Brazil Aircraft Carriers Submarines. Australia Submarines. Asia Indonesia. France Belgium Norway. Naval Exercises Naval Technology. Naval Forces News - Myanmar. The 49 meter vessel class is indigenously desgined but is fitted with Russian and Chinese weapon and sensor systems. The first ship of the class was completed in and the second one in The vessels are fitted with 4x C anti-ship missiles from China and a Russian AK with a stealth cupola these weapon mounts could be produced in China too.

Two quad anti-aircraft guns which appear to be based on the Russian ZU or Chinese Type 85 are fitted at the rear of the main bridge. Several sensors are fitted on top of the bridge including a Furuno navigation radar, an air surveillance radar, a surface search radar, a fire control radar for the CIWS gun and at the top end of a mast what looks like an ESM system.

Two boxes of an unknown decoy system seems to be fitted on top of the bridge.The city is located at the center of the Naypyidaw Union Territory. The city officially replaced Yangon as the administrative capital of Myanmar in As the seat of the government of Myanmar, Naypyidaw is the site of the Union Parliamentthe Supreme Courtthe Presidential Palacethe official residences of the Cabinet of Myanmar and the headquarters of government ministries and military.

Naypyidaw is notable for its unusual combination of large size and very low population density. Naypyidaw is Burmese for "abode of the king", and is generally translated as "royal capital", [6] "seat of the king", or "abode of kings". Naypyidaw has a short history. Construction started in and was completed by On 6 Novembermore than 12, troops marched in the new capital in its first public event: a massive military parade to mark Armed Forces Day—which is the anniversary of then Burma's revolution against the Japanese occupation of Burma.

Filming was restricted to the concrete parade ground which contains three enormous sculptures—depictions of King AnawrahtaBayinnaung and Alaungpayawho are considered the three greatest monarchs in the history of Myanmar.

The city was officially named Naypyidaw [9] during these ceremonies, [10] and the official, albeit mostly administrative, capital of the country was relocated from Yangon to Naypyidaw. There are several assumptions why the capital was moved: Naypyidaw is more centrally located than the old capital, Yangon.

It is also a transportation hub located adjacent to the ShanKayahand Kayin states. It was felt by governmental and military leaders that a stronger military and governmental presence nearby might provide stability to those chronically turbulent regions.

Naypyidaw is located between the Bago Yoma and Shan Yoma mountain ranges. The city covers an area of 7, Chaungmagyi Dam is located a few kilometers to the north of Naypyidaw, while Ngalaik Dam is a few kilometers to the south. The Yezin Dam is farther away in the north-east.

The residential areas are carefully organised, and apartments are allotted according to rank and marital status. However, inquite a few of the ministerial mansions were reported to be unused and left in a neglected state in overgrown compounds.

The city's Ministry zone contains the headquarters of Myanmar's government ministries. All the ministry buildings are identical in appearance.

myanmar completed first two of 49 meter fac-m

The government has set aside 2 hectares 4. The Chinese embassy has formally opened its interim liaison office in The liaison office is the first foreign office to be permitted to open in Naypyidaw.

The Hotel zone has a handful of villa-style hotels on the hilly outskirts of the city. There are currently twelve hotels located in or near Naypyidaw. Construction of the villas was begun in by the government. However, funds were limited, so the project was later put out to tender for completion by private sector investors.

A total of hotels and inns were constructed to house the athletes and spectators of the Southeast Asian Gameswhich was hosted in Naypyidaw. Naypyidaw Myoma Market is the commercial centre of Naypyidaw. Junction Centre is the city's first privately operated shopping centre. Opened infacilities at the Ngalaik Lake Gardens include water slides, natural resorts, lodging and a beach.The stake driving ceremony of Yangon-Dala Bridge project was held on December 24, and planned to start construction process in January Two 0.

The project will be completed in three and half years. The construction tasks may get finished by mid-year of The water clearance area of the bridge is at 49 meters in height and meters in width. The bridge design is being drafted by the Korean Consultancy Company.

The rest of the fund will be added by the ministry. Follow us:. Skip to main content. Search form Search. From Date E. To Date E. Ministry of Construction plans to sign agreement for Yangon-Dala Bridge. Published 16 March Related Articles. Six new cases confirmed, total China handed over Myanmar detained in Chinese prisons. FM warns of efforts to provoke 'new Cold War'. Most Read.

Myanmar (Burma): Facts and History

July floods affect more than 4, people in two regions and one state. All foreign workers in dorms could be tested for Covid before mid-August: Lawrence Wong. Around million Indians moved out of multidimensional poverty: UN report. More dynamism for energy transition.The pagoda has experienced several earthquakes since its foundation inand undergone at least three major reconstructions.

The current structure was completed in Construction of the pagoda began on 23 Octoberduring the Chinese invasions of the kingdom present-day Upper Myanmar. The ceremony was attended by the diplomats and royals from the neighboring countries, including the Chinese officials with whom he had just signed a truce, as well as those from Lan NaOnbaungHanthawaddy Pegu and unnamed Indian states. The pagoda has undergone at least three major reconstructions.

The pagoda was eventually was topped off with a small, disproportionate dome. The reconstruction committee, led by Ven.

Sitagu Sayadawrebuilt the pagoda with a slightly enlarged form of an older original? The small stupas that before ringed the base of the pagoda were moved to make room for the change.

Třída FAC-M

The pagoda's relic chamber was modeled after the Thuparamaya pagoda in AnuradhapuraSri Lanka. The newly reconstructed pagoda was consecrated on 16 March From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A Buddhist stupa located in Sagaing. This article is about the pagoda in Sagaing. According to the Chinese sources Liewthe sawbwa was returned to Chinese custody in August The Burmese chronicles Maha Yazawin Vol. Furthermore, the ME date as a year in which the pagoda was hit by an earthquake is incorrect.

Per Maung Maung Tin Vol. The Major Buddhist sites in Myanmar. Pyelonechantha Pagoda Shwezedi Monastery. Shwedaza Pagoda Mawdaw Myintha Pagoda. Shin Motthi Pagoda Theindawgyi Pagoda. Buddhism in Myanmar Kyaung Monastery Pagoda. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Coordinates not on Wikidata Articles containing Burmese-language text CS1 Burmese-language sources my.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version.Bangladesh has shown compassion in their openness toward the fleeing Rohingya by providing temporary shelter, keeping their borders open and, with the help of the international community, leading the humanitarian response on this issue. The district is one of the most impoverished regions of Bangladesh, already struggling to cope with extreme poverty, high population density, and the effects of regular natural disasters and climate change.

Like most countries in Asia, Bangladesh is not signatory to the Refugee Convention, [7] meaning there are few domestic legal mechanisms for handling asylum cases.

The Rohingya have been living tenuous lives within sprawling refugee camps, denied freedom of movement, access to education, livelihoods and public services. The alternative, integration, implies a sense of permanence.

In light of the upcoming national elections later in where domestic issues and national interests will continue to be prioritised, the GoB seems reluctant to support integration-based policies. Following the events of latethe Bangladesh and Myanmar governments agreed in January to begin a two-year process to repatriate the more thanRohingya Muslims who had fled Rakhine State since October Despite the restrictions placed on them, the Rohingya community in Bangladesh has shown considerable resilience.

Outside the parameters of the national asylum system and beyond the confines of the camps, the Rohingya have been working informally in an effort to take their livelihoods and family finances into their own hands. We also examined what the Rohingya understand about the details of the proposed repatriation processes, looking at what they desire and the fears they hold, both as individuals and as a community who potentially face repatriation or refoulement to Myanmar.

With little attention given to the real impacts on and perceptions of the host and local Bangladeshi communities, a more holistic response to this refugee crisis is therefore necessary, one that must include both the Rohingya refugees and local Bangladeshi communities as stakeholders.

Of these, 1, surveys were considered for analysis. This is what we found. The Rohingya are a distinct Muslim ethnic group predominantly hailing from the Rakhine State formerly known as Arakan State.

Their presence in Myanmar dates back to the seventh century, with the settling of Arab Muslim traders. This ultimately forced more thanRohingya out of the country into Bangladesh, which had only recently achieved independence.

myanmar completed first two of 49 meter fac-m

Though Rohingya refugees were initially reluctant to return, more did so as camp conditions began to decline and food was rationed to the extent that the Rohingya faced starvation. Inafter another wave of attacks by the military, approximatelyRohingya were forced to flee to Bangladesh.

However, this ended in mid when Bangladesh signed a bilateral agreement to return the Rohingya under a controversial repatriation programme. UNHCR abandoned its role in the process when evidence emerged of Rohingya being coerced to return against their will, a concept known as refoulement that is against international law.

The Myanmar military responded with a brutal crackdown that resulted in extensive human rights abuses and ultimately in the flight of 87, Rohingya to Bangladesh.

myanmar completed first two of 49 meter fac-m

The group was allegedly behind coordinated attacks on 30 police posts and an army base on August 25, killing 11 members of the Myanmar security forces. Countries in Asia often suffer from a lack of regional planning for mass migration or large influxes of refugees and asylum seekers.Basal dam was completed in There are 13 small dams in Chakwal district having storage capacity of 26, in acres feet irrigating 11, acres of area.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mangla Dam. Tarbela Dam. Diamer-Bhasha Dam. Bunji Dam. Pakistan portal Energy portal. General Synthesis. Retrieved 9 July International Pvt Ltd. Cape Town: World Commission on Dams. Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved Earth Observatory. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Archived from the original on Register Of Dams.

International Rivers. Water Statistics of Pakistan. Ministry of Water and Power, Govt.

myanmar completed first two of 49 meter fac-m

Retrieved 9 August Retrieved 23 February Archived from the original on 3 March Retrieved 12 January The News International. Archived from the original on 10 June Myanmar, formerly known as "Burma"underwent significant political reforms in Its current president is Thein Sein, who was elected the first non-interim civilian president of Myanmar in 49 years. The country's legislature, the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw, has two houses: the upper seat Amyotha Hluttaw House of Nationalities and the lower seat Pyithu Hluttaw House of Representatives.

Although the military no longer runs Myanmar outright, it does still appoint a significant number of legislators - 56 of the upper house members, and of lower house members are military appointees.

List of dams and reservoirs in Pakistan

The remaining and members, respectively, are elected by the people. Aung San Suu Kyi, who won an abortive democratic presidential election in December of and then was kept under house arrest for most of the following two decades, is now a member of the Pyithu Hluttaw representing Kawhmu. The official language of Myanmar is Burmese, a Sino-Tibetan language that is the native tongue of slightly more than half of the country's people.

The government also officially recognizes several minority languages that predominate in Myanmar's Autonomous States: Jingpho, Mon, Karen, and Shan. Myanmar probably has about Myanmar is an exporter of both migrant workers with several million in Thailand aloneand of refugees.

Burmese refugees total more thanpeople in neighboring Thailand, India, Bangladesh, and Malaysia. The government of Myanmar officially recognizes ethnic groups. There are also small numbers of Kachin, Anglo-Indians, and Chin. Most Burmese are very devout and treat monks with great respect. The government does not control religious practice in Myanmar. Myanmar is the largest country in mainland Southeast Asia, with an area ofsquare milessquare kilometers. The country is bordered on the northwest by India and Bangladeshon the northeast by Tibet and Chinaby Laos and Thailand to the southeast, and by the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea to the south.

Myanmar's coastline is about 1, miles long 1, kilometers. The highest point in Myanmar is Hkakabo Razi, with an elevation of 19, feet 5, meters.

Myanmar's major rivers are the Irrawaddy, Thanlwin, and Sittang. The climate of Myanmar is dictated by the monsoons, which bring up to inches 5, mm of rain to coastal regions each summer. The "dry zone" of interior Burma still receives up to 40 inches 1, mm of precipitation per year. Temperatures in the highlands average about 70 degrees Fahrenheit 21 degrees Celsiuswhile the coast and delta areas average a steamy 90 degrees 32 Celsius.

Under British colonial rule, Burma was the richest country in Southeast Asia, awash in rubies, oil, and valuable timber.

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