Natural expo west 2020

This site is operated by a business or businesses owned by Informa PLC and all copyright resides with them. Registered in England and Wales. Number Exhibitor Login Contact. March The intent of this fund is to support the most vulnerable exhibiting brands impacted by the Expo West cancellation, with special consideration given to companies that support organic, transparency, sustainability, Fair Trade and regenerative agriculture—all values and practices New Hope Network advocates for in the marketplace.

An independent advisory council was formed to help us establish the criteria for how we best manage and disperse this fund. An Expo West exhibiting company does not have to carry these types of certifications to be considered but we will take them into account in dispersing funds. We will also take into account the non-New Hope costs an exhibiting company incurred as a result of the Expo West cancellation, including GES, freight and other expenses that have not been refunded or credited.

Domestic travel costs will not be included. To allow us to collect the necessary information to disperse these funds, an email was sent to the main contacts of all Expo West exhibiting companies on April 14 with a link to an application.

Expo West 2020 Exhibitor Directory

If you were an Expo West exhibiting company and do not retrofit multipart form data example your company received the email with the application link, please check with the individual your brand designated as the main contact for Expo West, email e xpowest newhope. Exhibiting companies interested in receiving money from the fund should submit their application by 5 p.

MT on Friday, April New Hope will make all final decisions regarding funding allotment and will base our decisions on the guidance that has been provided by the independent advisory council.

The New Hope sales team will notify companies of their funding allotment by Monday, May All registration badges and education and training passes have been refunded and every exhibitor and sponsor is receiving a full credit toward Expo EastExpo West or other New Hope programming.

And yet, we recognize that registration, exhibitor and sponsorship fees paid to New Hope are but one piece of the financial investment companies make to participate in Natural Products Expo.

This reality is likely to cause further frustration for some of our Expo exhibitors, and we apologize in advance for our need to prioritize helping some companies more than others. By making the decision to suspend Expo West, we have incurred significant costs and liabilities that are not covered by our insurance and are therefore irretrievable. We all do this at a time when our businesses too have been significantly affected by the COVID pandemic, and like you, we also are focused on taking care of our colleagues and their families.

Our industry is proving that we are stronger together and will get through this together. After consulting with key partners within the natural products community, New Hope Network has decided that, due to the developing circumstances around the COVID virus, we will not move forward with hosting a rescheduled Natural Products Expo West event in Anaheim in So, what are we doing about it?

Our goal is to create the energy, experience and excitement delivered every year at Expo West. We hope you will join us in Philadelphia. To learn more about next steps for you, please see our FAQ page. We have answers to your questions. The advisory council convenes for the first time on March 16 and will aim to deliver guidance to the New Hope leadership team by the week of April 6.

With the community already rallying around our move to Philadelphia inwe are looking forward to welcoming many of our Expo West partners and community to Expo East.

New Hope will also be in touch via email with Expo West attendees regarding refunds for their badge registrations, education upgrades, and training and tour registrations.

We have been in discussions with our 60 hotel partners and other event vendor partners in Anaheim and, while policies vary between companies, we will be providing updates on our FAQ page in relation to deposits and charges related to the March show.This site is operated by a business or businesses owned by Informa PLC and all copyright resides with them.

Registered in England and Wales. Number New Hope Network staff Mar 25, The NEXTY Awards recognize excellence in the natural products industry, elevating impactful brands and products that inspire a healthy, sustainable future for people and planet. Nominating companies work with Sampler to send 1, product samples to their target consumer. You can watch the recorded awards ceremony here. Check out the 27 NEXTY Award-winning brands and products that hit high marks for the judging criteria of innovation, inspiration and integrity.

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natural expo west 2020

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The official app of Natural Products Expo West is now available!

Nation's largest organic co-op sets the standard for dairy done right. Pioneering organic tea company pushes sustainability further. Load More.Innovation will continue to drive new products in the Natural Products Industry bringing substantial enhancements in food and beverage.

SPINS experts Product Intelligence experts, registered dietitians and data analysts looked at grocery and beverage trends throughout the year and a panel was assembled in December to determine the trends to focus on in and products tapping into these trends.

Emerging demand for better-for-you beverages continues to disrupt the industry. Long gone are the days when taste was the only factor driving purchase decisions. The bar has been raised for beverages — and consumers want more. For the last 20 years, SPINS has been committed to laying the foundation for the next generation of growth, providing dynamic data, actionable insights, and digital activation solutions that contribute to a healthier and more vibrant America.

With a reduced reliance on animal-based protein, even mainstream brands like Tyson have gotten in on the act. Traditional options, like ketchup, syrups and BBQ sauces, are being overhauled to bring wellness to the forefront with cleaner ingredients and no- or less- sugar.

All about Allulose : an alternative sweetener derived from foods such as figs, raisins and maple syrup, allulose behaves like sugar in taste and texture but is lower in calories and does not impact blood glucose levels. The FDA does not require allulose to be included in total or added sugar count on the Nutrition Facts Panel suggesting it may be a popular option for manufacturers seeking to entice their sugar-conscious shopper. Brands to watch: KNOW Better Cookie and QUEST Tech First Foods of the Future : as the industry seeks more sustainable options, food scientists are working on food based technologies, like cell-cultured meat and air protein, to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint.

Other companies are innovating alternative meat options that are vegan friendly.

Natural Products Expo West 2020 postponement update

Under the Sea : marine based products like seaweed are beginning to emerge as a new ingredient that delivers on fiber with little calorie contributions. Research is underway to further support the health benefits of seaweed. Introducing Allergens : the introduction of allergens as early as months is recommended by the National Institute of Health and the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines.

As parents seeks to adhere to their guidance, manufacturers are offering specific products to aid in introduction of foods like nuts and eggs.

Organic at Expo West

Wellness Brews : a new wave of wellness beers is hitting shores with better ingredients, fewer calories and less sugar. Beer powerhouses are making a statement with their voluntary commitment on nutrirtion labeling. Within this, hard kombucha is one of the fastest growing categories of the alcohol industry.

Brands to watch: Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty, Sufferfest line of brews with unique ingredients like coconut water and bee pollenand Luna Bay Booch hard kombucha. Popular ingredients in these beverages include chamomille, lavender CBD and L-theanine.

Brands to watch: Zenify stress relief cans, So Good So You wellness shots, and Tranquini positively relaxed beverages. Contact Us.This site is operated by a business or businesses owned by Informa PLC and all copyright resides with them. Registered in England and Wales. Number We know our name is unconventional. But for us, our name symbolizes the incredible bond between a human and a pet.

Pets give us undying devotion, and we give pets the best food, the best love, and the best goofy Halloween costumes. We're all about that bond.

With the help of holistic veterinarians, our grain free food and treats are formulated to include complete, whole-food nutrition that you and your pets will love. This feature allows you to create a list of exhibitors and products who you'd like to see at an upcoming Natural Products show. This tool is for registered members only. America's Clean Label Snack Brand! Created by Abby, a teenager and health enthusiast. Please stop by our booth to grab a quick sample.

Albanese Confectionery is the leading manufacturer of the World's Best Gummies located in the heart of the Midwest! Amplify Snack Brands is a growing family of brands dedicated to sharing our simple, tastier idea of what good snacks should be.

We all know life can be full of trade-offs; taste for nutrition or quality for convenience. Our team is committed to delivering great-tasting products without the trade-offs.

At Ancient Nutrition, we believe the human body was built for high performance. In the modern world, we are disconnected from the traditions and nutritional principles that were honored and celebrated throughout history.

Our whole food nutritional products are designed to provide Ancient Nutrients in a modern, convenient form to power the body and mind, restoring us to the health, strength and vitality of our ancestors. For 30 years, Applegate has been producing high-quality natural and organic hot dogs, bacon, sausages, deli meats, cheese and frozen products. We source our meat from family farms, where animals are treated with care and respect and are allowed to grow at their natural rate.

That means no antibiotics and growth promotants. Atlantic Natural Foods is committed to offering deliciously versatile and nutritious vegetarian and vegan meat alternatives, complete meal solutions, baking mixes, egg substitutes, and caffeine-free grain beverages that make choosing natural plant-based foods easy and convenient!So, what are we doing about it?

New Hope will be working with their Expo West partners, exhibitors, and attendees to find solutions for them, either in Philadelphia or through other New Hope platforms. The council will convene for the first time on March 16 and will aim to give the New Hope team guidance by the week of April 6. New Hope has an FAQ page available here. We will begin processing refunds in the next few weeks to conclude by mid-April. The refunded amount will be issued back to the credit card associated with your registration.

We appreciate your patience. If you do not receive an email about your refund by mid-April, please contact expowest newhope. For questions regarding partner event registrations, please contact those organizations directly. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password?

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natural expo west 2020

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What's Up Expo? - Expo West 2020 Episode 5 - Expo West Survival Guide

Trying to Enjoy the Lemonade. Dietary Interventions for Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis. Marathon Runners and Probiotics.The winners in each category were awarded through a livestreamed awards ceremony through New Hope Network.

The NEXTY Consumer Choice Awards were created to recognize the pinnacle of excellence in the natural products industry, elevating impactful brands and products that inspire a healthy, sustainable future for people and planet while also having proven consumer approval. Winning numerous awards like the NEXTY so early on in our development, and most importantly now as a reflection of consumer choice - is incredibly humbling and beneficial for the brand.

About PATCH: PATCH is the first product to come out of the environmentally conscious Australian-based brand Nutricare, dedicated to creating natural solutions to common health care items and empowering consumers to make healthier choices for their families and the world. For more information, visit patchstrips. Search News Search web. Coronavirus Latest updates tracking the pandemic.

Story continues. What to Read Next. HuffPost Life. Business Wire. In The Know. PR Newswire. Yahoo Finance. Yahoo News. Yahoo Life.

Yahoo News Video. Yahoo Finance Video. Associated Press. Business Insider. LA Times.In the days leading up to the event, a significant number of attendees and exhibitors announced they were pulling out of the event due to COVID, an infection transmitted person-to-person through respiratory droplets and for which there is no current treatment or cure. The four day trade show was expected to attract nearly 90, attendees and more than 3, exhibitors.

The goal was to keep the show in Anaheim, with city officials supporting the move. However, on March 13, it announced the show was cancelled in favor of focusing on its next large show, Natural Products Expo Eastwhich will be held in Philadelphia on September On its website, the company also revealed that companies that planned to sponsor or exhibit at the trade show will receive a full credit that can be used towards other New Hope events and media solutions, including Expo East and Expo Westthe latter of which has paused its official re-sign process.

natural expo west 2020

All credits must be used by the end of February All badges, tours and training or educational sessions that attendees purchased will be refunded, according to New Hope.

More information with hotel-specific status updates will be provided starting in mid-April. The loss of the show, one of the biggest food and beverage sampling and selling events of the year, came amidst a wave of other major industry event cancellations, including the Craft Brewers Conference, the Snaxpo, and many more.

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