Ps4 stand diy

So prep your wallet, brush up on your coding and handyman skills, and get ready to build. One of the easiest and most comprehensive is via the RetroPie software, which lets you emulate everything from a PlayStation to a Game Boy. You can even pack it all into a tiny 3D printed case.

If you really want a retro-gaming project to get your teeth into then this Game Boy one on Adafruit fits the bill. As well as getting familiar with emulators on the Raspberry Pi, you also need to build some custom electronics of your own and find a 3D printer to create a case to fit everything into, but the end results are should be worth all of that time and effort.

For that you should probably check out the next project This Porta Pi project is powered by the Raspberry Pi, as the name suggests, and can sit easily on top of a desk. You can buy the kit required from the links in the description and then put it together yourself. Games consoles of years past were nowhere near as powerful as the electronics of today, which means you can cram old-school systems into very tiny spaces— as this guide demonstrates.

You can use a basic PC system or a Raspberry Pi to run the emulator software, and of course customize the table to suit your needs. Lifehacker has a comprehensive guide on how to get it set up. Many of us have outdated consoles lying around the house and some of them can be upgraded to meet modern-day audio and video rap about anxiety. The Raspberry Pi is a powerful system for emulating games, but some games need more than the processor punch of the Pi.

Building a custom PC, or re-configuring an old one lying around is a great alternative and Lakka is evidence of that. The Linux-based OS combines two popular emulators and can run on almost any normal PC—with that done, you can then put your computer components inside any kind of housing you like, from an arcade cabinet to a 3D-printed Mario case and play the latest and greatest emulated games.

The designer behind it has put together a number of posts on the various bits that go together to make the finished product, but of course the beauty of any do-it-yourself project is you can tweak the instructions as you like. The A.

Shop Subscribe. Field Guide. David Nield. Filed to: gaming. David Nield Posts Email Twitter. Share This Story. Get our newsletter Subscribe.I've had the ps2 slim for a while now and have only recently found the need to position it up vertically and despite seeing a ps2 slim vertical stand for a few dollars plus shipping, I decided to make my own after also failing to find diy instructions on how to build one. Did you use this instructable in your classroom?

ps4 stand diy

Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Drill a whole in the cd anywhere on the inside ring furthest away from the center hole and make sure the screw fits. Turn it back around and Voila you're done. It worked for me as I just needed it to stand up vertically.

Hey, this instructable is quite old, but Playstation 2 still's a good gaming console. I'll try to do this thing on my PS2, but for the screw overbalance, I'll try to glue 3 or 4 CDs together, drill a hole in the same size of the screw's head in 3 of then to "hide" the head.

Where does this attach? I don't see any screw hole on either side of my PS2 slim. Looking at your last photo, I'm guessing there are different revisions of the PS2 slim, because mine looks quite different.

DIY Ps4 Game Disk Storage Rack

Reply 5 years ago on Introduction. After some searching, it looks like Sony did indeed remove the mounting hole from newer revisions of the PS2 slim. Nice idea, but it "could" be a bit problematic since the "blank" cd is so thin, have you though of using the case that carries the CD's? It's a bit larger and sturdier. I mean. Great job and all, but now you got ME thinking I think your idea is ok.

Reply 9 years ago on Introduction. If you can find a flat head screw, that would solve the unstable part if placed on a hard flat surface. If you have the ps2 on a carpet, any screw will be fine as it'll sink into the soft area.

Btw, experiment with other substitutes to screw on the bottom as I've discussed in previous posts. Good luck and post a pic if you make something! Reply 9 years ago on Step 2. Without the plastic spindle, the screw would throw off the balance. Actually, you can drill a hole in a ruler, piece of wood or styrofoam, old hard cover book, plastic dvd cover,etc The possibilities are endless! If it has a hole for the screw to screw in, it should work!

Otherwise, book-ends esp. Add Teacher Note. Did you make this project? Share it with us!Kotaku writes " You keep asking, so we're going to answer. I'd still get the stand.

I still have my PS2 fat with the official stand and that thing looks sweet in the upright position. Never been a vertical person myself, this bad boy will sit horizontally on my TV stand when I do get one. Or because I said that even placed vertically with the stand it still moves with a little bit of pressure applied? I am merely repeating what was demonstrated in the video. Just don't press on the console while you're playing wobble gone!! I don't know why anyone would even touch their console while they are playing, unless they were ejecting a game disc.

Vertical Stand for PS4

If a console is standing vertical, that rule applies even more. I bought a Mad Catz stand for my ps3 slim. Something like that is what I will hold out for. I'm in no way crying about it wobbling.

I don't personally stand any electronics on their side.

How To Build Your Very Own Kick-Ass Racing Simulator

I don't like the idea of a disc being sideways for some reason, lol. I shouldn't get disagrees because I am pointing out a simple fact. Good call Neonridr. Why would you want to block up the vents? Are you crazy? Get the stand so that you still have the vents for airflow at the bottom.

There are vents in the sides both sides. Yes if you stand it vertically, there is still a bit of airflow, but not as good as if you stood it horizontally or with the stand the stand has vents.

It would also be safer to buy the stand, to lessen the chances of it being knocked over. And there we have it! But not recommended as it can tip over with a little effort. The stand supports it better. I'd rather not risk hardware being knocked over, and I wouldn't want to wedge a piece of hardware in between two things that could possibly overheat it. Even some good DIY tutorials. Ill keep mine horizontal till then. PS4 kotaku.Between all the things I keep on my desk at home during Summer and Winter break and my much smaller dorm room desk, I often find myself needing to keep my PS4 vertical to save valuable real-estate, but I'm also afraid my PS4 is prone to falling so I designed a stand from scratch.

In this Instructable i'm going to show my design process and also provide you with all the files to replicate the stand shown above.

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. In this case your object is your PS4, you need to measure the width and length obviously, but you also need to know the offset of the top and bottom, I spent a good amount of time measuring my own PS4 to be extra sure and I can say with confidence the offset is 30mm. The first picture depicts the general shape of the PS4 not including the rubber foot from the side that will be top when vertical.

To make the rubber foot just make an arc in the middle of the bottom line. To make the general outline for the PS4 to fit in your own design simply make an outline 0.

I'm going to be mean and have you guys download the files from my GrabCad page, mostly so I know how many people like my stand enough to download it! Also GrabCad has a 3D model viewer so you can see a model as you would on any CAD program in your browser, no downloads or anything! Just click the link and you'll find the STLs, models for both halves sldprt files and the sldprt file for the single piece version as well.

Introduction: Vertical Stand for PS4. By KalTol Follow. More by the author:. About: If you have any questions about my Instructables just ask me Kaltol gmail. Add Teacher Note.

ps4 stand diy

In this case your object is your PS4, you need to measure the width and length obviously, but you also need to know the offset of the top and bottom, I spent a good amount of time measuring my own PS4 to be extra sure and I can say with confidence the offset is 30mm The first picture depicts the general shape of the PS4 not including the rubber foot from the side that will be top when vertical.

Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It!This is a nice idea of a convenient charging stand for your ps4 controller. It enables you to easily charge your controller without needing to find the cable.

You can just sit the controller in and it begins to charge. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. The first thing you need to do is to is to cut out the pieces of wood or whatever material you are using.

You can do this by pasting the attached template to a large sheet of wood e. Poplar, balsa, etc. The image shows the lengths the pieces need to have. This step is an optional step. If you want your final product to be a specific color or to generally have a specific finish like glossy, now is the time to do it.

The glossing can be also done at the end, so I will explain it then, but the paint should go on right now to avoid little blank lines at the joints. I did not paint mine as I like the color of the blank wood, so there is no image included for this step. Now is the time to be gluing the pieces together. The different steps on how to glue the pieces can be found in the images, see the letters on each piece for reference. As you can see, I drilled and chisled out a rectangular hole in the C piece.

This is space for the cable. You can either glue the wire in for a more stable hold, or you can tape it in or just set them in place without any securements, it is up to you. Keep in mind that the cable can always be removed if you don't glue it in.

Also, I have added a D piece. This D piece is a dowel, and it serves the purpose to make sure the dock doesn't fall over, as the PS4 controller is rather heavy. To make the wood look glossy and have a sleek finish, you will want to use epoxy. Liquid epoxy can be found in many hardware stores, or home depot.

If you want this option, pour the epoxy gently onto your product. Then you can heat it using a propane torch, but a hair dryer will also work. Also you might want to sand down any overhangs that make the products shape look sort of off. The variety of customization at this step is very wide, and you can decorate your dock with anything you feel like adding.

As I mentioned before, I left it blank as I prefer the white wood look. Make sure to sand off all excess glue that bothers you. And you are done! Now just slide your cable into the square hole and maybe glue it in, its your choice! To use it, slide your controller into the v-shape and that's it! You now have your own charging dock for your favourite ps4 controller!

Happy making and gaming! I really like having a stand for our controllers too, I'm sure they'd get left upside down if we didn't and the buttons would get messed up.

Materials: - A big, 0. Scroll saw, jigsaw, hand saw - Chisel - Drill.Of course they do! And for the money they charge for them they better! But even if you decide to fork over the dough and buy one, it won't do you any good without something to mount it to. Off-the-shelf products do exist, but you can easily end up spending just as much for one as you did for your racing wheel and it might not work very well, hold up to abuse, or look good in your living room.

Did you use this instructable in your classroom?

ps4 stand diy

Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. First I knocked up a quick and simple stand out of some 2x4, MDF and plywood scraps just to be sure I was getting the dimensions right. Getting the wheel at a comfortable height, and pedal-box set back at the right distance is critical to your future gaming happiness.

I decided, for the sake of my living room space and my marriage, to just use the couch as my seat instead of going all-out on a racing bucket seat, so that is what I used to set my dimensions. As it is, this simple stand is perfectly usable and I have done a fair bit of racing with it. But it does have some drawbacks:. The pedal-box hole layout on the baseplate is specific to the G and probably won't work with other brands, but the top plate should work with any wheel that has a clamping mechanism I used the built-in clamps on mine even though it has threaded inserts for mounting bolts.

The height adjustment method isn't so quick that the knobs are going to save you much over, say, wingnuts or even regular hex nuts. I generally prefer to use Baltic birch plywood because its dense layers makes for an attractive edge, and its generally free of voids which is nice when you're cutting partial depth slots as I am here.

It is slightly heavier than other less-dense plywood but I find the trade-off to be worth it. With the parts drawn, laid out in such a way to optimally fill a plywood sheet, and toolpaths generated, the cutting can begin. The same cutter was used for all cutting operations holes, pockets, and profiles. This project should also be doable using more conventional tools.

I designed it with slots and pockets for the various parts to fit together easily, but it can be made to work nearly as well without them. A craftsman fabricating one of these by hand will obviously need to be careful to accurately mark out all of the parts before they begin cutting.

Special care should be taken when laying out the pattern for the holes in the risers. The cut parts can now be trimmed and sanded prior to assembly. There are two sub-assemblies: the lower includes the base-plate and the lower portions of the risers, and the upper includes the top-plate and the upper risers. Assemble the upper portion first, then use it as a spacer while assembling the lower portion. Its hard to fully account for material thickness even when cutting on the CNC, so its best to assemble the part which nests inside the other and use it as a guide for the outer pieces.

The pieces were glued and screwed, then left to dry before a final finish sanding. I then used a bolt and one of the threaded knobs, along with some washers and a piece of scrap plywood as to not mess up the nicely sanded wood to press the inserts into place.

Once they were set, I put a few drops of superglue to hold them in place. Since they will normally be under compression when in use, the glue only needs to hold the inserts in place when its disassembled. I probably could have cut the prongs off, but its nice to have the additional glued surface of the prongs inside their holes. I painted the sub-assemblies separately.

All surfaces except for the bottom of the base-plate were painted first with a coat of grey primer then finished in semi-gloss black. After they were dry, I put some automotive spray wax on the inside mating surfaces of the base-plate risers so that hopefully the paint on the two pieces won't stick where they are clamped together.

I found some "no dent" carpet protectors for furniture and installed them - mostly this was so the base-plate would rest more firmly on the floor and not float on top of the squishy carpet. The cables were routed along the inside of one of the upper risers using some adhesive-backed cable anchors and zipties.Today is the age of fantastic technology for sure, the electronic devices in your hands and home are doing the real magic!

However, there is a little problem too, to keep using our electronic devices like smartphones, cameras, and tablets, etc. It is maybe a big annoyance for many of us as it encourages to wire and cord clutter to our countertops which makes the spaces less beautifully! To get the things tidy up, you need some smart solutions to charge your portable or USB cable devices! As a big solution to this problem, the phone charging docks and charging stations would work great!

No matter how many phones are in your home or the other portable devices, all can be put together to charge without untidy collections of cords, all you need to go with these 40 best DIY charging station ideas that have picked smartly and are sure to serve the purpose best!

All these phone docks or DIY charging station ideas are to make at home using the recycled and useless items of home, so this confirms them to be super budget-friendly! So what are you waiting for? Just choose your favorite ones from the collections and make them enjoy the happy charging of your devices getting rid of cord clutter at the same time!

Time to power up your life with these hand-built charging stations! First of all recycle the shoe boxes for making beautifully hidden cord charging stations, will be ready in no time to serve your needs instantly! Just in case if you do not have the shoe boxes then the cardboard boxes, the cereal or pasta boxes and other boxes this kind would be the perfect alternatives!

You next great options can make the old books and wooden boxes! Drill your old boxes and cord and build beautiful charging stations that will also hide your phones!

ps4 stand diy

Do the same with custom wooden boxes or old reclaimed drawers to gain beautiful phone docks that will last longer too, get inspired of some attractive below given designs! The list also includes some outstanding wall mounted DIY charging station for your power tools, check out the cordless drill charging station that also offers free constructions plans!

You can modify your lamps too to work even as a cold charging station, see a mind-blowing light lamp dock showcased below that is sure to drop your jaws with amazement!

A wooden caddy or a desktop organizer who is not in use can be the next affordable but functional charging station for you and your entire family! Just modify it to have more compartments and make custom arrangements and drill holes to pass the charging cables! One cool sample made of the recycled desktop storage unit is shared here to inspire you! Recycle also the old drawers to make this charging stations at no-cost!

Further project details and instructions here drivenbydecor. Charging our phones is one of the important tasks we perform at home and having not a charging station can make this task tough and tangling for us.

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