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Salton Sea, The. Same Time Next Year. Sasquatch Mountain. Savages, The. Save The Last Dance. Saving Mr. Saving Private Ryan. Scanner Darkly, A. Schindler's List. Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. Secret Window. Sense And Sensibility.

Write On with 'Ramy' Creator Ramy Youssef

Sessions, The. Seven Years In Tibet. Seventh Victim, The. Sex And The City. Sex, Lies, And Videotape. Sexual Life. Shadow Of The Vampire. Shakespeare In Love. Shallow Grave. Shanghai Triad. Shawshank Redemption.By subscribing I accept the terms of use. Jerusalem Post Diaspora. Social distancing and staying inside is hard. Thankfully, accessing good things to watch during this time is not. The ink had not yet dried on my color-coded, scheduled-by-the-hour Shabbat plan when my phone chimed.

ramy script

Ok if we join for Shabbos lunch? I sighed. My intimate four-person meal had grown to an eight-person Shabbat lunch in an instant.

Episode 31: Ramy Youssef, “Ramy”

The rhythms of religiously observant life are misunderstood, even to those inside of it. It is not about dogma, nor about checking off a series of obligations and avoiding violations. For the individual, it requires a slow ego death. He wishes to purify this world, not to escape from it. An observant life does not scoff at transcendence, nor at secular wisdom. To the Orthodox, this is the meaning of existence itself, and the power by which we change our world. Inliving this way is more challenging than ever.

The first season is mostly about him trying to find himself. The second season, released by Hulu on May 29, is mostly about him trying to find God. He struggles to refine his beliefs and balance his culture with his modern ethic. He believes premarital sex is wrong and has it anyway — leaving a trail of increasing destruction as he goes.

The show will feel familiar, if not intimately so, to American Jewish audiences — especially Modern Orthodox ones. It has the Middle Eastern cultural touchpoints, the superstitions, the feeling of being too American for your family and not quite American enough for your fellow Americans, the quasi-Birthright trip to Egypt, the pick-and-choose approach to religious law, the zealous convert characters, the search for meaning and the newly religious who take it upon themselves to criticize others for choices they themselves would have made only months ago.

The flesh without the rind will wither and rot. Herein lies the paradox: observant religious life, whether Muslim or Jewish, requires a lot from the individual.When TV sitcoms focus so intently on religion, most Americans tend to turn away.

American religion writers acknowledge that public interest in Christian-centric religious TV and film entertainment has waned since a surge of religious themed programming in and In other words, selling a religious based series to a mainstream American audience is going to be tough, unless of course you are targeting a niche market. But one of the most influential religious markets in America, Evangelicals, only represent 2. American Muslims represent an even smaller market share, about 7 million based on Muslim American estimates, something we have no choice to accept because the U.

Census pretty much ignores Muslims, and, Arabs, too.

I Wrote A Screenplay In 48 Hours

Their challenges. Their talents. Their contributions to society. Rather than just portraying them in such a shallow manner that fuels racist fears rather than understanding.

The stars, Ray Romano, and his family portrayed during nine seasons of hilarious humor that often included insights into the Italian American heritage. Sometimes, the most effective countermeasures to stereotypes are not the in-your-face assaults on racism but more subtle, friendlier and warmer messages that more easily enter the hearts and minds of the influential American public. Both seasons of Ramy were founded on the Islamic religion.

But that might be good for me, as a Christian Palestinian American Arab. But does it change the minds of mainstream American Christians or even Jewish Americans? Sex, including homosexual episodes, difficult racism stereotypes of Blacks and women, make it hard to offer a lesson of understanding to the general public. Youssef, Amer and Ali in Season 2 do a great job of acting. I am saying that I had hoped for more.

Something to make a small dent in the ongoing barrage of anti-Arab hatred and demonization that dominates this country at every level of life, from Hollywood, TV, newspapers, radio and books.

I grew up sitting at the dinner table where all of my relatives looked like every terrorist in an endless stream of hate-driven Hollywood movies, TV dramas and even pulp fiction. The 10 episodes in each season featured talented writing mostly by Youseff himself but also by accomplished and new writers including Sahar Jahani, Ari Katcher, Adel Kamal, Maytha Alhassan and Ryan Welsh.

There were some soft spots like in episode 8 Season 2, which was boring to the point here I almost gave up watching. Non-religious, and just funny in which the characters just happen to be Arab? But if you can script a sitcom that parallels the successes of other popular shows, while inserting a Palestinian, Arab and Muslim spin, it just could work and, more importantly, make a difference in how Americans view Arabs, not reinforce the stereotypes even if it is in laughter.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Author Recent Posts. He is an author of several books.Presenters: And the Oscar goes to… Rami Malek! Voiceover: This is the first Oscar and nomination for Rami Malek. My mom is in here somewhere. RM: I love you. I love you lady. RM: My family. Thank you for all of this. To the people that took a chance on me every step of the way. Thank you guys so much.

I may not have been the obvious choice but I guess it worked out. RM: Thank you Queen. Thank you guys for being, for allowing me to be the tiniest part of your phenomenal extraordinary legacy. I am forever in your debt. RM: My crew and my cast I love you. You are my equals, you are my betters. I could have never been here without you. RM: I think about, I think about what it would have been like to tell little bubba Rami that one day this might happen to him and I think his curly-haired little mind would be blown.

RM: That kid was, he was struggling with his identity, trying to figure himself out. And I think to anyone struggling with theirs and trying to discover their voice: listen, we made a film about a gay man, an immigrant who lived his life just unapologetically himself. And I could not be more grateful to each and every one of you and everyone who believed in me for this moment. RM: It is something I will treasure for the rest of my life.

You are beyond immensely talented. You have captured my heart. Thank you so much. Sign in. Simon Says Transcription. Simon Says Follow. Simon Says Transcription Helping you find that meaningful dialogue.Ramy Youssef, hot on the heels of his incredible autobiographical Hulu series Ramyhas now released Feelingshis first stand-up special on HBO.

And it would be understandable if, based on the first ten minutes, you were confused. Youssef has built a following with his thoughtful, yet hilarious, examinations of life as an American millennial Muslim. Which is why it may come as a surprise when he opens Feelings with topical jokes that may at first feel three minutes away from being too old to tell.

Kelly: the subjects read like a list of topics you wish were banned by open mics. What are the unintended outcomes of cultural trauma? What would trusting your kid with a stranger take? Carving gold from these stripped mines takes a gifted writer, and thankfully Youssef is more than up to the task.

But what surprised me on repeated viewings of Feelings is how much these jokes inform the special as an entire piece. Smollett, a gay black man, becomes a symbol of how growing up in a society that hates your existence influences you. Youssef was 18 when Jackson died, and witnessed the same culture that shamed Jackson mourn his death like royalty. What viewers, and critics, might immediately write off as quickly expiring subject matter is a window into how our past informs our present.

Feelings is an incredibly low-key affair.

Rami Malek’s Acceptance Speech (Transcript)— Oscar for Lead Actor at the 2019 Academy Awards

Filmed at the Chicago Cultural Center instead of a traditional theater or club, it lacks the sound of bombastic laughter found in most specials. Even the biggest laughs often get muted by the tall ceilings of the beautiful room. But rather than hinder the show, they leave the focus on Youssef as he bounds from topics that are seemingly trivial to deeply personal examinations of his life as an American Mulsim.

No other special in stand-up history has been so equally horny and spiritual, often at the same time. When a woman finds his continued attendance at Friday prayers after the Mosque shooting in New Zealand hot, Yousseff finds a newfound confidence.

To Yousseff going to church on Sunday, as most Christians do, is almost cheating. Make me new.

ramy script

At no point does Yousseff seem to be trying to sell you on Islam.Sign In. Edit Ramy —. Ramy 19 episodes, Amr Waked Farouk Hassan 18 episodes, Mohammed Amer Mo 17 episodes, Hiam Abbass Maysa Hassan 17 episodes, Dave Merheje Ahmed 17 episodes, Laith Nakli Uncle Naseem 16 episodes, May Calamawy Steve 8 episodes, MaameYaa Boafo Zainab 6 episodes, Mahershala Ali Sheikh Malik 6 episodes, Rosaline Elbay Amani 3 episodes, Shadi Alfons Shadi 3 episodes, Michael Chernus Michael 3 episodes, Mika Boomer 3 episodes, Molly Gordon Sarah 2 episodes, Caroline Basu Young Dena 2 episodes, Poorna Jagannathan Dennis 2 episodes, Jade Eshete Fatima 2 episodes, Saeed Abbasi 2 episodes, Sarah Himadeh Colucci Jr.

Barista 2 episodes, Kate Miller Vivian 2 episodes, Elisha Henig Young Ramy 1 episode, Alexis G. Mikaela 1 episode, Jean Brassard Jacques 1 episode, Madison Hine Kristi 1 episode, Anna Konkle Chloe 1 episode, Patricia Mercado Dance Instructor 1 episode, Jake Lacy Kyle 1 episode, Christopher Tramantana 1 episode, Tara Westwood Marion 1 episode, Joey Auzenne Duane Lyft Driver 1 episode, Erin Burke Hometime Goods Model 1 episode, Erin Burke Hometime Goods Model 1 episode, Joel Rooks Moshe 1 episode, Mufeed Attal Refugee Boy 1 episode, Jimmy Brewer Josh 1 episode, James DiGiacomo James 1 episode, Noah StaglianoSamuel M.

Raimi [1] born October 23, is an American filmmakeractorand producerprimarily known for creating the cult horror Evil Dead seriesand directing the Spider-Man trilogy — He also directed the superhero film Darkmanthe neo-noir crime-thriller A Simple Planthe supernatural thriller film The Giftthe supernatural horror film Drag Me to Helland the Disney fantasy film Oz the Great and Powerful. Raimi has also produced several successful television series, including Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and its spin-off Xena: Warrior Princess.

He founded the production company Renaissance Pictures in His current project includes Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness which is scheduled for a release on March 25, His ancestors were Jewish immigrants from Russia and Hungary. His sister is Andrea Raimi Rubin. Raimi became fascinated with making films when his father brought a movie camera home one day.

He began to make Super 8 movies with his friend Bruce Campbellwhom he met in During that time, he also shot the 7-minute short film Clockworkstarring Scott Spiegelwho had appeared in Within the Woodsand Cheryl Guttridge. He began work on his third film Crimewavewhich he co-wrote with the then-unknown Coen brothersshortly after. Intended as a live-action comic book, the film was not successful, due in part to unwanted studio intervention.

ramy script

Raimi then returned to the horror genre with the seminal Evil Dead II which added slapstick humor to the over the top horror, showcasing his love of the Three Stooges. A long-time comic book buff, he then attempted to adapt " The Shadow " into a movie, but was unable to secure the rights, so he created his own super-hero, Darkman The film was his first major studio pictureand was a commercial success, spawning two sequels.

Through it he was still able to secure funding for Evil Dead IIIwhich was retitled Army of Darkness and turned away almost totally from horror in favor of fantasy and comedy elements. Army of Darknessthe final movie in the Evil Dead trilogy, was a box office disappointment, yet on video became a cult classic.

Raimi achieved great critical and commercial success with the blockbuster Spider-Manwhich was adapted from the comic book series of the same name. After the completion of the third Spider-Man film, he planned on producing two more sequels although Sony Pictures planned three sequels but could not find a satisfactory script.

The Coens co-wrote Crimewave and The Hudsucker Proxy with Raimi in the mids though Hudsucker was not produced for almost a decade. He worked in front of the camera in The Stand as a dimwitted hitman, John Carpenter 's Body Bags as a murdered gas station attendant, and Indian Summer in what is perhaps his biggest role as a bumbling assistant to Alan Arkin.

ramy script

The film was written by his childhood friend writer-director Mike Binder and shot at the camp that they both attended when they were younger. Raimi also produced the entire American-made The Grudge franchisebased on the original Japanese films.

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