Rebuilding a r380 gearbox

Forum Rules. Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Rebuilding an r? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Rebuilding an r? Hi guys, what is the expected price to strip down and rebuild an r gearbox. Box is fine but needs some syncros The main problem wih doing it yourself is removing and refitting - they are very heavy with the tc attached - it helps if you have a hoist and a gearbox jacking and support setup.

If you choose to cope with the worn sychros for a while you may not cost yourself anymore when you do have to finally get around to doing it. What were your other quotes??? Have you had a look at the prices on the Ashcroft Transmission site???

If your box is a 'J' suffix then also pay attention to the layshaft bearings, if required, I have been told to use only a top quality manufactures bearing product.

Cheers Arthur. Ive pulled a couple apart and rebuilt 1 so far when i broke the layshaft didnt touch the front end of the main shaft. Doing another one at the moment. I didnt have any of the special tools supposedly required. Some of it is difficult. The collar on the mainshaft is hard to remove. You will need a good puller. There are some pics of the insides near the end of my thread on my 90 on the link in my signature. I've got a new clutch, slave cylinder and getting the flywheel machined.

Not sure on the suffix, gearbox is at home so got it read out over the phone Otherwise - 2nd hand? Good luck. View Profile View Forum Posts. Join Date Oct Location on the road to no where Posts 2, He might have a low kms one from a D2 lying around?

There is reco boxes on ebay. Originally Posted by woko. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. Bookmarks Bookmarks Google. The time now is AM.By milanMay 24, in Defender Forum - My Defender finally needs some care Just came back from a one year trip from Sweden to the Middle east and then through Africa to SA together with my family.

The car has performed superb, no breakdowns at all until we reached Capetown when all of a sudden I could hear a grinding noise from the gearbox when in first gear and "engine breaking".

I changed the oil mainly to see what will come out and there was not to much metal stucked to the plug and the level was ok. The car was shiped back to Europe as this first overland trip has come to its end.

Then, driving from Rotterdam back to Stockholm the grinding noise became more apparent in all the other gears as well except the fourth. Since I'm planing to continue the journey and do all America, starting next summer, I'm obviously saving money at the moment. Even if we have a whole bunch of sponsors I still have to save up for the fuel and food and therefore all the maintenance of the car is done by myself. Unfortunately I have never rebuild a LR gearbox before and could need some advise.

As I used to work as a engine mechanic and have access to a workshop I will give it a go myself. I understand that the best option for someone living in the UK would be to by an exchangeunit from ashcroft transmissions but for me the shiping costs will be to high.

I will start next week and hopefully I will get some tips and hints in this thread. I will also document the progress of my work here. Ofcourse without stripping it I wont know whats wrong, but my guess is that the bearings on the layshaft have gone and that the play is to large, hopefully the gears are ok.

I've just rebuilt my LT77 and found it pretty straightforward actually. I'm no mechanic, had no idea what was involoved but was willing to give it a go and learn how a gearbox works. I did it with basic tools and a 10 ton hydraulic puller.

I also bought a dremil to remove a large collar on the output shaft and a few bearing tracks. I had to make a press out of pipe to refit the collar. I also had the workshop manual. Sorry, I don't have one for the R When I pulled the box apart, I placed each set of components in a ziplock bag, labeled and placed on the floor in order of assembly.

My box was making a clicking noise in all gears except 4th. I found the layshaft bearings a bit gritty, but they didn't look completely destroyed. The bearing behind the input shaft felt fine in my hand, but made a bit of noise when run underpressure on the shaft. I found the bearings deceptive that way in that it was difficult to determine their condition, so I replaced all of them.

Everything else was lightly covered with a grey sludge, which I assume was from the synchros.

R380 and LT230 rebuild

LOTS of carb cleaner used to cleaning everything that was being re-used. I don't know the R, but it can't be that different.Log In or Register. Advanced Search. We have included all the major product lines within this section. However if there are parts you require you cannot see listed please follow this link.

rebuilding a r380 gearbox

Here you can find exploded diagrams of your gearbox. If you then advise us of the part number you require we will then quote you for this part if we are able to supply. A comprehensive master rebuild kit for the R Gearbox. Kit Comprises:- Bearing kit Baulk Rin…. Please specify gearbox serial numb…. Full set of R Baulk rings. To convert a short stick Discovery R to a long stick Defender R, we make an adapter piece that you can fit to t…. Our R shim kit includes two ranges of shims for both the mainshaft and layshaft.

It would be very costly to includ…. Mainshaft collar. FTC Please specify gearbox serial number when ordering. Discovery LT77 and R bias plate, the folded vertical part of this often cracks off at the base and the gear stick …. Genuine Land Rover spigot bush to suit all 2. Part no. Engineering grade. R oil feed ring, our version of FTC, not genuine as the genuine one has a design error, see video below: ….

Discovery short stick nylon bush which fits inside the yolk at the end of the selector rail. Gear Lever Housing.The stock Defender NAS models included the LT77S five speed synchromesh manual gearboxprone to certain common issues, including problems shifting from first to second gear and syncromesh rings slipping on fifth and other gears, gradually leading to other problems, damaging the main shaft teeth, or grinding LT transfer case input shaft teeth, and eventually rendering the vehicle none operable.

Today, suppliers such as Ashcroft Transmission offer newly improved sycro rings and other internal upgrades for the LT77S gearbox to help render a stronger unit after rebuilt.

That said, by design, the LT77S gearbox falls a short when compared to its later and improved cousin, the R It is for this reason perhaps that one of the most common upgrades on a NAS Defender found today, is the gearbox upgrade from stock LT77S to the improved R gearbox shown below.

Since rebuilding the LT77S gearbox is labor intensive and parts are not cheap, it maybe worth the modest extra expense to consider an upgrade altogether specially since R units are now widely available and can be purchased fully reconditioned, with warranty, and come ready to install - with or without the bell housing.

rebuilding a r380 gearbox

You may also call all the local service shops around, get lucky and find a low mileage R sitting around obtained perhaps from an automatic transmission conversion job.

You never know. If you do find a good R out of state and plan to purchase it remember that UPS can handle up to Lbs of gross weight. The R on a pallet weights about Lbs. Shown above, R with bell housing, ready for installation. Note: the bell housing on the LT77S and R are compatible. A failing gearbox can cause undue stress onto other drive components, such as the transfer case and crankshaft.

Example above shows the inner teeth of the LT transfer case input shaft, grinded away as a result of severely damaged LT77 gearbox main shaft teeth below. Shown above, post removal inspection shows grinded teeth on the LT77S main shaft. The triangle-shaped teeth once were square. Also shown above, the old and new transfer case input shafts part FTC next to one another - also shown assembled onto LT Remember to bring back the old parts. You can also rebuild the unit now that it is unmounted and easy to work on.

Defender LT77s to R Upgrade The stock Defender NAS models included the LT77S five speed synchromesh manual gearboxprone to certain common issues, including problems shifting from first to second gear and syncromesh rings slipping on fifth and other gears, gradually leading to other problems, damaging the main shaft teeth, or grinding LT transfer case input shaft teeth, and eventually rendering the vehicle none operable.

We do not endorse vendors or products unless we test them, use them, like them, and find sharing the information beneficial to other Defender owners. Visitors may view and use this web site at their own risk. All information and content here is provided for free. All rights reserved. Copyright DefenderHelp. Defender LT77s to R Upgrade.Forums New posts. Landy Wave. Resources Latest reviews. Media New media New comments.

LT230 T Centre Diff Overhaul - Setting Bearing Shims.

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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. R and LT rebuild. So i want to rebuild the gearbox and thought it would be a good idea to rebuild the transfer box at the same time but i have a few questions. When rebuilding the R, what else should i replace other than the mainshaft and input gear?

Obviously i won't know for sure exactly what needs replacing until i take the box apart but are there other things that generally tend to wear such as bearings and baulk rings? The same question for the transfer box, what parts are likely to need replacing, i think mine is a LTT with the taper bearings.

Also, what is the best method of removing the gearbox and transfer box, do i drop them down, lift them up, seperate the two or remove them together etc? Cheers Matt.

For a start do you know if you have got the cross drilled input gear?

rebuilding a r380 gearbox

Does the gearbox have any problems currently in selecting any gears? I'm not sure if i have the cross drilled gear or not, i pressume not. I need to look at my gearbox and transfer box nos again and find out.

Currently i have trouble engaging reverse, it tends to jump out of engagement and occasionally 4th won't engage first time, that only seems to happen when changing down from 5th though.

I do have rebuild manuals for both boxes, i managed to find pdf versions online. Cheers for the links i hadn't see legs before but unfortunately their website seems to be down at the moment. I got a chance to look at my gearbox and transfer box numbers tonight, the R is a 56J so one of the earliest boxes and is prone to the mainshaft wear, according to ashcrofts.Early, well known sports bettors, such as Jimmy the Greek, were believed to have access to information that gave them an edge.

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rebuilding a r380 gearbox

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