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I was working on a secure site with sensitive video material that we needed strict members access to. Even though many plugins can make sure your direct permalinks can only be seen by logged in members, direct links to files in your wp-content directory are still accessible to others. They can even be hotlinked from other sites.

One way around this is to move the wp-content directory outside the web visible portion of your directory on the server, but even so WordPress can always link to such files.

A better way is to tell your server not to give access to certain files say ending with mp4 or mp3 and only allow access from your own domain. However, if someone were to copy this link and call it from a browser window directly, or if they were to post the link to you PDF on another website then the document shall not be accessible.

By default it is. Upload a. Have a look if one exists already, then append this code to the end of the file. To prevent people hotlinking to your files.

One aspect is security: say you have sensitive material that you only want your direct visitors to see. I had a guy once hotlink one of my images as his MySpace profile, the background graphic came from my server. Make sure you have an Apache web server running on your website, and that user overrides i. When I wrote this article in this was a given, but since then the internet landscape has changed slightly. Your web hosting company will be able to tell you more about your hosting environment.

You can use this solution to conserve load and bandwidth on your server. However, this does not mean that sensitive files cannot be accessed at all; they are still available for download if visitors come via your website. Hi Jay, this is just what I needed and works fine, however, web browsers are now reporting non secure content and blocking images etc.

Removing the htaccess file makes it secure again! Any Idea what can be happening? I do know however that the new generation of browsers will report a non-secure website if the URL is a plain http rather than https.Occasionally it was necessary for us to lock down some or all of the WordPress media library from public viewing, indexing. The reasons why this would be necessary can vary from sensitive information leakage to private user information protection i.

Remember this folder usually by default has directory index enabled. This means you can usually visit a WordPress site, manually access the site. Sometimes its not enough to simply edit your robots. Having a sensitive PDF or Word document show up in google results is obviously not ideal, however it is very trivial for someone to manually scan your uploads folder to enumerate any sensitive documents which increases risks like information disclosure and confidentiality issues.

How would we address this? The solution I would propose here is twofold : Modify the default uploads destination folders to include logic to separate media uploads for custom content or media that is uploaded on a per user basis into separate folders. Doing this will lay the groundwork for us to restrict media that is uploaded under certain conditions. There are many methods to accomplish this. You can see with the above snippet that anything can be possible with this.

How to Manage, Track, and Control File Downloads in WordPress

A great plugin to accomplish the same thing as the above would be the Custom Upload Dir plugin. This plugin adds an option to your administrative interface to manipulate the default uploads folder. This is a great plugin because it allows you to use placeholder tags to create a truly unique and predictable upload directory structure :. The keyword here is predictable. Then we will tell Nginx or Apache to refuse direct file access to those folders if the cookie is not present.

Using the above plugin, we would configure a custom upload directory like the following :. So what would that do? We need to set the session cookie first. There may be plugins to accomplish setting a custom session cookie but I prefer to do it custom in functions. Plugins can only be so versatile and flexible before usually coming short of what they need.Are you looking for a file download manager for WordPress?

A WordPress file download manager can help you easily manage, track, and control permissions on file downloads. You can even use it to sell file downloads. In this article, we will show you two easy ways to to manage, track, and control file downloads in WordPress. It is perfect for users who want to sell file downloads or users who want to make an online store. WooCommerce can be used to sell both digital downloads and physical goods.

You can also use it as your WordPress download manager to offer free downloads. WooCommerce allows you to easily track users, manage downloads, and view stats. The first thing you need to do is install and activate the WooCommerce plugin. For more details, see our step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin. First, you need to provide a title for your product and its description.

Next, you need to enter the price. If you want to add a free download, then you can set the price to 0. Otherwise, you can set a price for the download file. You can review other options on the page. For example, you can add product images, add a short description, select product category, and more. Your users can now go to the product page and add the product to their cart. If it is a free product, then they will be able to checkout without adding payment information.

Otherwise, they will check out by making a payment. From here you can see your sales by date, by products, and categories. You can also view customer downloads report which will show you a log of file downloads by customers.This seemingly unassuming file is power packed with all kinds of functionalities and features, which if used correctly can very effectively define the way your web server processes requests.

Learn how to restrict WordPress site access with this file. Apart from defining the way the web server processes requests, it is also very useful to protect your WordPress files from unauthorized access by hackers. In this article, we explore the many ways you can protect the various files in your site using. Let's explore some of the simple techniques you can employ to protect your WordPress files from prying eyes.

Click To Tweet. Before we go on to protect other files, let us start with protecting the. However, as we always say, before making any changes no matter how big or small they may be always backup your site and in this case, save a couple of copies of your. This is to contain any damage that may arise from accidentally messing with the file. In this article, we are using the File Manager to access the file and show you how you can secure it.

Step 1: Log into your web hosting account using your username and password. If you are unsure of your web hosting account credentials, refer to our guide. Step 4: Inside you will see the. Right-click on it.

And choose the option to edit. Now that we have secured the. So let us start with securing the wp-admin folder. The wp-admin folder contains files that together power the admin tools. The admin. As you can see, the wp-admin directory is a very important one and care must be taken to protect it from unauthorized access. In order to do so, restrict user access to the WordPress admin folder.

wordpress protect media files

Allow access to specific IP addresses of your choosing. To do this, you would need to create a separate. To create a new. Just plain. Once you have done that, paste the following code in it. To upload the newly created.

The WP Guru

Once you click on File Manager, you can see all the files and folders in your site as shown below. Select the. Once you have uploaded the new. This new security measures will be restricting users, other than the ones you have explicitly given permission to, from accessing your admin panel. The wp-admin can still be accessed by registered users but that can also be limited by user roles. One can restrict permission to users so that not every registered user can access the folder.

Considering the critical nature of data this contains, utmost care must be taken to protect it from prying eyes. In order to do so, all you need to do is copy the code given below into your. Once you have added the code given above, your wp-config file will be protected from being accessed by unauthorized users. And these are often.This could be problematic if you invite a lot of guest authors. WordPress allows authors to see all files in the media library.

They can also see images uploaded by an administratoreditoror other authors. To learn more, see our article on WordPress user roles and permissions. Authors and guest authors on your website will be able to see the images you upload to that article in the media library. For many websites, this may not be a big deal.

However, if you run a multi-author websitethen you may want to change this. First thing you need to do is install and activate the Restrict Media Library Access plugin. For more details, see our step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin. Upon activation, it filters the media library query to see if the current user is an administrator or editor. The first method would work for most websites as it limits media library access and allows only administrator and editor to view all media uploads.

It uses the same code used by the plugin, but you will be able to modify it to meet your needs. This method requires you to add code to your WordPress files. You may also want to limit authors to their own posts in WordPress admin area. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress video tutorials.

You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook. Trusted by over 1. But if using wordpress app installed from mobile, all users still can access whole media library. Any solutions? Thank you for mentioning my plugin. Thank you for creating the plugin and placing it on the WordPress.

What if you create a role for say, teacher. If that makes sense? Teacher-username1- media only see username1 media files Teacher-username2-media only see username2 media files.

Just a thought, works for me. Yes, there is.

Your Pages Are Protected, But Are Your PDFs?

You can use Adminimize plugin to hide the Media link from your WordPress admin bar for all user roles except administrators. Thanks for choosing to leave a comment.Digital piracy is a serious problem you have to face while running and managing an online business.

So if you care about your WordPress website and online business, you should find a way to secure WordPress private media files against search engines and the public. Among all WordPress plugins available in the market, Media Vault and Prevent Direct Access Gold turns out to be the only two viable solutions to restrict direct access to media files.

In this article, we will compare Media Vault and Prevent Direct Access Gold to help you choose the right solution for your website and online business. Media Vault and Prevent Direct Access Gold are both excellent plugins that offer must-have features for you to block direct access to WordPress private media files. Media Vault is a free plugin highly rated at 4. It provides a simple yet powerful tool to restrict direct access to private media files. Though Prevent Direct Access was born a few years later, it has quickly become a major challenger of Media Vault.

However, it seems being developed purely for marketing purposes with very few features. Similarly, Prevent Direct Access Gold protects WordPress uploads folder as well as prevent a file from direct URL access by redirecting unwanted users to your not found page.

WordPress Plugin to Protect Pages and Posts

Better yet, the plugin also stops search engines such as Google and Bing from indexing these private file URLs. The Gold version allows you to create unlimited private download links which can be either expired by clicks and time or restricted access by IP addresses. This means you can share your private files with certain people, at the same time, protect them against public access and sharing. WordPress file uploads protection is an advanced and complex process.

So any plugins which can make it friendly and easy to use even for non-technical users will get a definite advantage. Together with their features, this could be a key decision that separates the two plugins. Similar to other free plugins, there are two standard simple ways to install Media Vault. You can type to search and download it from WordPress.

wordpress protect media files

Alternatively, you can also install it manually by uploading its installation zip file. On the other hand, you have to pay to use Prevent Direct Access Gold. Once purchased, you will receive an email including a download URL and license to install and activate the premium version.

Besides, Prevent Direct Access Gold is equipped with an intuitive configuration popup right on Media list view, which helps you manage and secure WordPress media files much faster and more efficiently.

There are three ways to protect your private media files provided by both Media Vault and Prevent Direct Access Gold, i. Both also allow you to protect multiple media files at the same time using Media bulk actions. The Gold version of Prevent Direct Access go beyond that and offers another and probably more intuitive way of restricting access to uploaded files directly on Media list view. With Prevent Direct Access Gold, it requires much less technical terms and knowledge for you to use, manage and protect your WordPress file uploads.

Media Vault prevents media uploads from direct access with ease. In contrast, there are more than 12 extensions built on top of Prevent Direct Access Gold to extend and enhance its functionality.

Also, to help you auto-protect file uploads, it works with the most popular contact forms plugin such as Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, and Custom Contact Forms. Does Media Vault provide you with great documentation? The plugin description and its FAQ provide limited information, especially for non-technical users.

Prevent Direct Access Gold, on the other hand, provides more detailed information covering various topics from explaining what original vs.

wordpress protect media files

Their troubleshooting section and FAQs are quite useful as well. Media Vault is no longer maintained and supported for more than four years. This means you could never get your compatibility issues, let alone more severe problems, with the plugin resolved.This is not the case.

If you knew the direct URL to the sub-pages, you could get the content as an anonymous user. This also meant that the URL to these pages is published in sitemaps, which make it really easy for search engines, like Google, to find the content.

Blocking content from being accessed is done in WordPress through PHP code that checks which user you are, if you have the right permissions, etc. The web server Apache in this case serves up the file without ever getting the PHP engine involved. Scary, right? The solution to this problem is to have WordPress act as an intermediary between the request for the file, and the file itself, allowing permissions to be verified in the process. In addition to providing this protection of files that need to be restricted to specific users, it also gives you some additional features:.

wordpress protect media files

Categories: WordPress. I am a big fan of these updates! Interestingly enough, Thanks for the new feature and tip. It is much easier for visitors to download immediately after confirming and as well as by protecting pages. Thanks Shawn! Very useful article. Thanks a lot. Thank you Shawn, this is exactly what I was looking for!

Thanks for sharing. Do you know whether there is a possiblity to allow users to view the e. Best regards, Evi. I read this post ages ago, Shawn … just came back to it for help on a client site with downloadable products. Thanks again, Shawn! Thanks for this post.

I only want to protect my files behind a Gravity Form — not necessarily a Member of the site. Hey David, You might be interested in our Prevent Direct Access plugin, which offers exactly what you need. Hi Shawn, I appreciate you post but was curious about one other scenario. Is there a way to make our Media Library unsearchable by search engines but still work for anyone with the direct link? Good question Olivia. However, if the PDFs contain sensitive information, this might not be enough.

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